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CMG Elections 2016 – Candidate profile: Kim Trynacity

Candidate for Director, Prairies, CBC/Radio-Canada Branch

kim_trynacity I can name a great place for breakfast in each major city in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta (and likely some pretty bad places too).

From the Sals, the Sugar Bowl, the Broadway Cafe, Barb and Ernie’s, Cafe Francais, The Coup, The Donut Mill, and of course Peter’s Diner. I should know, I’ve lived and worked in each province for years. (Peter’s for breakfast might be a stretch though)

Like so many of you, I’ve experienced a dramatic change in my newsroom.
I now juggle an iPhone, a microphone, a mini tripod, perhaps a selfie-stick, and maybe an
apple if I have enough time to grab lunch.

Here’s the good part. I know how to operate all the new pieces of equipment and systems that have been thrown at me in the past couple of years. Sometimes the product I come up with isn’t too bad…but sometimes it is.

I cringe when I see frivolous stories on our website, and fuzzy video.
I get nostalgic, thinking about the days of three-person television crews, but the opportunity to spend a week on the road doing a doc have long passed, and besides I don’t even do television anymore.
I’m writing web stories, shooting video sometimes, and doing radio.

There is a new workforce in our shops made up of employees who for the most part, have never been part of a union. I see many who work extended hours, don’t take breaks, and most important, are unaware of what it means to have a collective agreement.

I’ve been a proud union member in both private and public broadcasting over my many years as a reporter.
I’ve been a shop steward, a vice-president and president, and now I’m asking for your support to be the Director, Prairies on the CBC branch.
We know the last round of cuts were bad. I think there’s much more our union could have done to prepare us for the hit we all took.
For the most part, shooters who lost their jobs never came back, and more than ever, reporters are tied to their desks processing copy gathered from news conferences.

We have great opportunities, but equally big challenges ahead.
I want to be more involved in our union to ensure our rights are not further eroded, that we are trained for the next wave of technology that will define our jobs, and I want to ensure our jobs aren’t replaced by yet another machine that I’ll have to learn to juggle.
Kim Trynacity
CBC Edmonton

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