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Training Application

Education Guidelines
Approved by the NEC September 13, 2003

All applicants for CMG training courses must provide an endorsement from a member of their location unit or Branch executive.

An endorsement form is available by clicking here .

The National Education Committee will select participants for national training courses based on a variety of criteria including previous Guild activity and/or willingness to take the skills learned back to the home location to share with colleagues, and thoughtfulness and fullness of answers provided in the application form. The Committee will endeavour to achieve a balance of gender, work experience, regional representation, branch representation and diversity in selecting participants for each course. Application does not guarantee participation. The Committee has the final authority in determining course participants. It also has the authority to cancel a course at any time.

Members who apply and are not accepted for a course will be placed on a wait list and may be contacted if a place becomes available. Their names will also be kept on file for consideration for future courses.

Last-minute cancellations by participants for courses represent a serious cost issue for the CMG. Many of the costs cannot be recovered, affecting the Guild’s ability to run courses and depriving other members of the opportunity to participate. Members who cancel without good reason and for whom travel and release arrangements have been made will have such actions considered against future applications.

Members who are accepted are expected to attend the full course. In the event of illness or emergency, please contact the Guild office or one of the course facilitators right away. Participants who fail to attend all days of a scheduled course without a satisfactory explanation may have their claim for meal and expense allowances denied and be disqualified from attending future courses.

The choice of training sites and accommodations must be based on overall cost efficiency. Rate comparisons must be taken into account before selection.

Reasonable cancellation fees must be negotiated with the training site/hotel.

The National Training and Education Program will be reviewed and evaluated on a biannual basis by an internal committee made up of the National Education Committee Chair, the National President, any CMG staff assigned to the committee, the Comptroller and two others designated by the NEC. The Evaluation Committee will make its first report to the January 2005 National Executive Committee and every two years thereafter.

The National Training and Education Program will seek to ensure the highest quality of external and internal trainers.

Fill out and submit an application form.

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